Jan 7, 2008

Lentils Soup and One More Recipe- شوربة عدس

وصفة شوربة العدس :
كوب من العدس ألأحمر, يغسل و يصفىى
- تقطيع الخضار التالية الى قطع كبيرة :
حبتين من البصل والبطاطا و الجزر .
يمكنك اضافة القليل من السبانخ او بضع قطع من البندوره. يمكنك ان تعدلي هذه الوصفات حسب انواع الخضار الموجوده لديك او حسب رغبتك. و يمكنك ان تستخدمي انواع مختلفة من العدس كالعدس البني او الأخضر.
- ملح و فلفل وكمون
- ماء
بعد غسل و تقطيع الخضار المستعمله, ضعيها في القدر مع العدس , أضيفي الماء و دعيها تغلي على حراره عاليه ثم على نار متوسطة الحراره الى ان تنضج المكونات حوالي 30-40 دقيقه.
أرفعي القدر عن النار و ضعي الشوربه في الخلاط الكهربائي و أهرسيها حتى تصبح ناعمه. أضيفي الملح والفلفل الاسود والكمون.
هذه الوصفة عالية بالبروتين و خاليه من الدهون ،صحيّه و لذيذه. قدمي الشوربه مع رشة بقدونس و الخبز القلي او المحمص. القليل من عصير الليمون يضاف عند الأكل مع الزيتون الاخضر والفجل .

Recipe for Lentil Soup:
-1 cup red lentils-washed and drained
-Cut up the following vegetables into big pieces:
2 onions- 2 potatoes- Few carrots- Optional, you may use a small bunch of spinach or few pieces of tomatoes. You may modify these recipes to your liking by using different kinds of lentils or adding more vegetables to the soup.
-Salt, Pepper and Cumin
Bring to a boil in a 5 to 6 quart pot then lower heat, cover and simmer gently about 30-40 minutes until all the vegetables become soft. Blend to a smooth finish in the blender, add salt, black pepper and cumin. This is a high in protein recipe and very low in fat, it is filling and tasty too.You may garnish with fresh chopped parsley and fried pita bread chips. A squeeze of lemon is added to it when it is served. Green olives and radishes compliment this soup. Serve hot. Enjoy!

Spinach Rolls
- 2 pounds fresh spinach or 3 packages (10 oz each) frozen spinach,1 or 2 medium size finally chopped onion, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, black pepper and sumac. Sumac is a lemony taste spice thats widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine.You may google "Sumac" to know more about it! Shrack Arabic Bread is used to roll up the filling, it is a very thin,one layer, round and big type of bread OR you may use corn or flour Tortillas to roll up the spinach filling in it. Brush your pan with olive oil and brush the top on the rolls with olive oil too. Bake for about 12 minutes in a 450 degrees Fahrenheit oven . You may spray "Pam" for lower in calories version until it becomes crispy and golden in color.Enjoy!
Note: You can find the Orange color Lentils, the Sumac and the Shrak Bread at any Middle Eastern store in the States.


Susan Chastain Hulbert said...

Hi Summer! I always check out the blogs of people who post to my site. This is one that I'll have to try. I have a funny story about Sumac. I bought a Middle Eastern cookbook about 20 years ago in the UK. When I went back home to Oklahoma, I went to my local health food store in search of sumac. The store clerk gave me a weird look when I asked if they had it and told me they couldn't sell sumac because it is poison! She actually thought I was asking for poison sumac. Luckily I live in LA now, so finding it should not be a problem, and nobody will think I'm a murderer when I ask for it!

Summer said...

Susan, Thanks for coming by!
Sumac is widely used in middle eastern cooking and i know for a fact that it is not poison in any way, shape or form!! :)
Your story is funny!
this is a very easy and versatile recipe and you get to use any vegetables or grains with this recipe and also make it fat free!!!

asoom said...

I've been looking for an easy 3adas recipe. I LOVE 3adas soup but I've never made it. My mom gave me some recipe that was kind of complicated so I enver made it.

If I like the thicker creamier 3adas which type do you recommend I used? I'd probably cut out the potatos and carrots from mine. HOpefully one of my roomates has a blender!

Summer said...

Asoom, thanks for coming by. to have a creamy soup you can use any type of Adas, since all adas has lots of protein in it so naturally it will thicken when cooked and left to set for a while. but i usually use the split red ones, you can use the split green ones too. if you use the brown ones that have their jackets on, you will get a completely different taste, but good too..i mean that each adas has its own flavor.I like to use veggies with my soup because it gives it extra flavor..you may use spinach or celery if you like, but using onions is a must...you cannot omit those. You may use hand held blender, they are inexpensive, about $10.00 at Target! good luck and sahtain.