Nov 21, 2008

ديك رومي محشي بالرزواللحمه المفرومة - حبش محشي-Stuffed Turkey

وصفة الديك الرومي المحشي على الطريقه العربيه من ألذ الوصفات و سهلة التحضير
عيد الشكر في اميريكا ليس بالعيد الديني بقدر ما هو عيد للمّة ألأهل و ألأصدقاء, و طبعا الأنسان مفروض ان يكون شاكرا على كل النِعم كل يوم. نشرت هذه الوصفه سابقا و اخترت ان اشارك بها في هذه المناسبه مره ثانيه حيث ان لا جديد لدي في تحضيرها

* بصلتين مفرومين
* ثلاثة أكواب رز مصري
* نصف كيلو لحمه مفرومه ناعمه
* الملح ، الفلفل الأسود ، البهارات المشكّله ،القرفه, الهيل أو الهال المطحون, ايضا المعروف بأسم حب الهان
* زيت للطبخ

طريقة تحضير الحشوه

* أطبخي اللحم المفروم مع البصل المفروم
*أضيفي التوابل

*أضيفي الهال المطحون
* أغسلي الأرز , انقعيه لربع ساعه ثم أضيفيع على اللحمه المفرومه و البصل و اطبخيه نصف أستواء
*أضيفي قليلا من الماء
* غطّي القدر و أطبخي الحشوه و دعيها تنضج نصف أستواء لنها ستنضج أكثر عند حشوها بالديك الرومي

تحضير الديك ا
للرومي للحشو
* أغسلي الديك الرومي مع الليمون وزيت الزيتون
* أفركيه بخليط التوابل من الخارج و الداخل و تحت الجلد ايضا

* أحشي الديك الرومي بالحشوه المعدّه مسبقا
* لفي الديك الرومي بورق الألمنيوم جيدا
* ضعيه في فرن على حرارة 350 درجه فهرنهايت

*كل نصف كيلو يحتاج الى عشرة دقائق أو اكثر قليلا حسب فرنك

ملاحظه: اضيفي ماء الى صينية الخَبز و احرصي على وجود الماء في قاع الصينيه طول مدة الخَبز...هكذا الديك الرومي يحتفظ بمذاق طيب و طري و غير ناشف

صحتين و عافيه

I have published this recipe last year for Thanksgiving holiday, but this is how i usually prepare my stuffed turkey. Thanksgiving day is not a religious holiday as much as it is an occasion to gather family and friends with good food. Of course in my own opinion, anyone of us should give thanks of a daily basis for all the blessings that we have and enjoy.

- Salt, Black pepper, Allspice, Cardamom
- Cooking oil
Directions for cooking the stuffing:
- Cook the ground beef with the diced onions and oil
- Add your spices
- Add your washed and drained rice
- Add cardamom
- Add a little bit of water
- Cover and cook the rice half way through
Turkey preparation
- Wash turkey with lemon and olive oil. Pat dry
- Rub your spices all over it and inside it, under the skin too
- Stuff your turkey with the rice and beef mix
- Line your pan with aluminum foil
- Wrap your turkey with aluminum foil all over
- Bundle up your turkey with foil
- Bake in 350 degree Fahrenheit oven
- You need about 10 minutes for each pound in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven.but also it might take longer, depending on your oven and how you like it cooked.

Note: to keep it moist, add water in the pan while it is baking, this keeps it moist and juicy. Do not let the water dry out, keep adding water at all times about half an inch in the baking pan. Use disposal baking pans to cook your turkey will not have any pans to wash! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Looks yummy... Sa7tain ...
My turkey turned out fantastic too ..

Rasha said...

I wish I were there to take a bite :)
Thanks summer for sharing it looks delicious :)
Teslam eidek.

Cooking The Easy Way said...

Anonymous, Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Cooking The Easy Way said...

Qwaider, Thanks for coming by! Glad yours turned out good too.

Cooking The Easy Way said...

Rasha, I wish you were there too!! maybe next year. :) thanks for coming by.

7aki Fadi said...

oh yummy yummy, I love the Arabic version of the turkey, that rice is just yummy.
This bird is HUGE. It seems you had a good dinner :)

cookingtheeasyway said...

thanks 7aki Fadi, it was a huge bird, 10 KG!! but no leftovers!!

Noura said...

I bet the rice tasted really good..I can't remember where I had once and they had also chestnuts,it was good :)

We had leftovers,we made grilled sandwiches with garlic and mayonnaise,with side of pickles,hummus and tabbouleh .. it tasted it like chicken shawerma from Barbar loool
thank you for sharing this with us:)

Cooking The Easy Way said...

Noura, Sahtain!!
The rice and meat stuffing was so so so good!!!! I do not like to add any type of nuts or chesnut with it because it becomes soft and i do not like them this way.
thanks for sharing your leftover tip with us....this sounds good!
with the few leftovers too we made sandwiches and they were just as good as the first day.

Qwaider قويدر said...

I know this is not new, but I still think it's YUMMY :)
Yislamo eedaiki

Summer said...

Qwaider, thanks for coming by again to leave a comment..the recipe is old, or classic, but still too good to share. thanks

Sari Freitekh said...

Thank you! just what I was looking for Happy Thanksgiving!

Summer said...

Sari, thanks for coming by...glad you found what you are looking for..i hope you found it in time to make your turkey for thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

what is the amount of spices that I put into the beef stuffing. What spices do I put on the turkey. Do I repeat the same spices in the stuffing as on the top of the turkey?

Mom S said...

Anonymous , I usually do not measure but I guess it depends on the amount of the stuffing and the size of your turkey. Use your own judgment! Sorry I can't answer your question precisely.

Mom S said...

Anonymous , yes I repeat the same spices in the stuffing and as a rub on the turkey.