Jan 29, 2008

شوربة البصل الفرنسيه- French Onion Soup

شوربة البصل الفرنسية
أفضل وجبه تؤكل في الفصل البارد هي الشوربه.
المكونات :
بصلتين او ثلاث بصلات كبيرة الحجم
٢-٣ ملاعق كبيره من زيت الطهي, يمكنك استخدام زيت الزيتون او الزبدة ، او مزيج من الأثنين
ملح و فلفل اسود

نصف ملعقه من الزعتر البري المجفف
مرقةاللحم البقري – بأمكانك استعمال مكعبات المرق الجاهزه

للزينة :
شريحة واحدة من الخبز الفرنسي المحمص
يمكنك استخدام أي نوع من أنواع الخبز ذو اللب من اختيارك.
اي نوع من انواع الجبن السهل الذوبان مثل الموتزازيلا
-قلبي البصل بالزيت حتى يصبح مائل الى اللون الذهبي الغامق
- اضيفي مرق اللحم
- اضيفي التوابل
- دعي المحتويات تغلى لبضع دقائق على حراره عاليه ثم اغليها ببطء على حراره متوسطه لمدة ٢٠ دقيقة حتى تمتزج جميع النكهات
عند التقديم ، صبي الحساء في صحن مقاوم لحرارة الفرن ، اضيفي قطعة الخبز المحمص ،ثم رشي الجبن فوقها واشويها في الفرن
لبضع دقائق حتى يصبح لونه ذهبي و الجبن قد ذاب 

There is nothing better than hot soup on a cold day! Here is a quick and easy recipe for this delicious and hearty soup. French Onion Soup:

- Two to three large onions
- 3 Tbs Cooking oil- You may use Olive Oil or butter, or a mix of both
-Salt, Black Pepper
- ½ tsp Dry Oregano
-Beef Broth
For Garnish:
One slice toasted French Bread - You may use any kind of hearty bread of your choice.
Mozzarella or Gorgonzola cheese or any type of cheese that melts easy
-Dice your onions
-Add the oil or butter of your choice
-Sauté onions to a dark golden color
-Add beef broth
-Add your seasonings
-Let boil for few minutes then simmer for 20 minutes until all flavors blend together
To serve, Pour the soup in an oven proof bowl, add the toasted slice of bread, add cheese on top and broil in the oven for few minutes until the top is golden brown and the cheese is melted.



kinzi said...

Summer, the PERFECT meal on a cold, pre-snowy day!

Somehow, I never thought about making this myself, but it is easy!

thinking about you!

Cooking The Easy Way © said...

Thanks Kinzi for coming by. i figured everyone has onions in their home, so it should be easy to make on this cold snowy day. i am doing great. thanks! stay warm in Amman. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, this is one of my favorites :) Thanks for sharing1

Cooking The Easy Way © said...

anonymous, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. i appreciate it.

Mimi said...

Hi Summer,
I'm so happy we found each other's blogs today! I think your blog is amazing. It is so great that you decided to film your cooking. Being able to see another cook's techniques is so helpful to other cooks.
I will definately be back to see what you are up to. I love middle eastern and mediteranean cuisine. It will be great to learn new recipes from you.
Take care,

Summer said...

mimi, Thanks for coming by!
Glad you liked the blog, thanks for your sweet words about it!
it is always good to watch others cook and how they go about their cooking and recipes, even if one does not follow the recipe step by step, just learning new things. hope you will find my recipes useful and helpful. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

hey Summer!
I LOVE french onion soup =)
I've never made my own, tho, and this doesn't look hard at all. Plus, I've got all the ingredients already. I guess I know what I'm making for dinner tonite. Thanks!!

Summer said...

Rebecca, you just do not know how glad i am to inspire people to cook the recipes i list! i am so glad that you are going to make it for dinner tonight, it is easy, simple and very deliciouis! thanks for coming by.