Jul 19, 2008

فطاير بطاطا و بازيلا- Potato and Peas Pies

ثلاثة او اربع حبات بطاطا مسلوقه و مهروسه

باوند وا حد من البازيلا المثلّجه- حوالي نصف كيلو

بصله واحده مقطّعه , يمكنك استعمال البصل الناشف

ثلاثة ملاعق كبيره من الزيت

ملح, فلفل أسود و بهار


أسلقي البطاطا, صفّيها و قطّعيها او اهرسيها-

قلّبي البصل مع الزيت حتى يدبل-

أضيفي البطاطا, البازيلا المثّلجه . أخلطي جيدا-

أطبخي الخليط حتى تنضج البازيلا, حوالي 15 دقيقه-

بأطراف الأصابع, مدي قطع العجينه ثم أحشيها بالخليط-

ضعيها في صينية بها زيت, و اخبزيها لعشر دقائق أو حتى تصبح ذهبية اللون في فرن حرارته 450 درجه فهرنهايت-

Basic bread dough- cut into round pieces and let rise in an oiled pan
-3 or 4 boiled potatoes
-One diced onions, fresh or dry
-3 tablespoons oil
-Salt, black pepper and allspice
*Boil and drain the potatoes. Cut or mash
*Add onions to the oil, sauté until translucent
*Add the potatoes, add the frozen peas
*Add the spices
*Cook the mix until soft
*Cut your dough into small pieces
* With your fingers, spread the dough into a flat piece and fill with the mix
* Lay in the pan and bake in a 450 degrees oven until golden brown in color


Mona said...

It seems delicious ... Does the video work? I could not watch it.
Thanks Summer.

Summer said...

Mona, thanks for your comment. sorry the video was still on private when i posted it, i think you can watch it now. :)

Mona said...

Ahhhh ... sorry for bothering you :(
Thanks for the video and I really enjoyed watching it :)

Lillian said...

Mmm these look delicious. Do you think I could fry them instead of baking them for extra flavor (and so I don't heat up the kitchen as much)? I like that you don't need to peel the potatoes. Thanks!

Summer said...

Lillian, i would not fry them since the dough is a little thick, unless you are using lighter dough such as phyllo dough, i think it fries better than dough with yeast. but good luck if you try to fry them, maybe they will turn out good.let me know! :)

afaf said...

wow....working single handed...adn the other on the camera....
u did great summourah...

Summer said...

Afaf, thanks for your comment!
sometimes when i want to video tape a recipe that i have to cook alone, i have to make my own video, gets really hard but i manage, i do a lot of editing while doing the video, but this is part of the fun too! thanks for your encouraging words, always!

Tarek Othman said...

Delicious... thank you :)

Summer said...

Tarek, thank you for checking in on my blog. hope to see you more often here.