Dec 28, 2008

Stuffed Zucchinis With Tomato Sauce- كوسا محشي بصلصة البندوره

ألكوسا بصلصة البندوره من الأكلات المعروفه في المطبخ العربي و تُحضّر بكثره في أغلب البيوت العربيه. تتميّز هذه الطبخه بسهولة تحضيرها و طعمها اللذيذ و الخفيف.
تحضير الكوسا

- جوفي الكوسا بتفريغه من اللب بأداة الحفر الخاصة
وصفه الحشوه ، اخلطي المكونات التالية :
- كأس واحد من الارز
- ربع كيلو من اللحم المفروم ناعما
- بصله واحده مقطّعه الى مكعّبات صغيره
- ملح وفلفل الأسود و بهار
أحشي الكوسا بحشوة الارز واللحم. تذكري ان الحشوه ستتضاعف بالحجم, فلذا أحشيها الى الثلث فقط.
في آنية الطبخ, أضيفي الكوسا الى صلصة البندوره و الماء مع الملح و الفلفل ألأسود, أطبخي الكوسا لمدة ٤٥ الى ٥٠ دقيقه على نار متوسطه الى ان تنضج الكوسا و الحشوه استواء كامل بدون ان يفقد شكله المتماسك.
قدّميها ساخنه

Stuffed Zucchinis with tomato sauce is a very popular meal that is prepared in the Arabic kitchen. it is a light and delicious meal and easy to prepare if you have the hollowing tool and the right ingredients.
Preparation of the zucchinis:

-Hollow your zucchinis using the special tool
Stuffing recipe, mix the following ingredients:
-One cup rice
-½ ground meat (beef or lamb)
-One diced onion
-Salt, black pepper, allspice

Stuff the zucchinis with the rice and meat mix. Stuff only to about half or 1/3 of each the zucchinis, remember the rice mix is going to expand. In the cooking pot, add the stuffed zucchinis to tomato sauce and cook/ simmer on medium to low heat for 45-50 minutes or until soft but still holding its shape. Serve hot.

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Qwaider قويدر said...


Summer said...


jaraad said...

I think this is the first time I comment in your blog but I just want to say that your blog is the best Arabic Cooking site. I always check your website and your videos as well. My best cooking achievement was your "Magloba" video. I followed exactly your steps and viola I cooked my best ever "magloba". Request: can you please show us how to make Kebab "كباب". Specially how stick it on the skewers.
Thanks and keep the good work.

Summer said...

Thanks jaraad for coming by and leaving a comment, and a nice one too! i really appreciate it. i will get on your request soon inshallah.

Noura said...

Hey summer, wonderful as usual :)

Mom's recipe doesn't have onions in the filling and she adds mashed garlic, lemon juice and dry mint 10 to 15 min before they are completely cooked..
I cooked it not too long ago, but couldn't find small size zucchinis, so I used these little strange looking yellow ones available mostly here at the grocery wasn't bad lool

thanks as usual and wish u and your family a happy new year and we continue to pray for PEACE..

moryarti said...

Hi Summer ... enjoyed your blog.

But if i may comment, I have a few suggestions to this recipe. First, you may wanna specify the best type of rice – as different types of rice behave differently ;)

In my experience, Egyptian rice or the Australian Calrose works best -

Also, adding herbs is always a good idea for any kind of rice stuffing dish. That’s what makes ma7ashi platters stand out from normal rice dishes.

For stuffed zucchinis, Egyptians typically use Shabat (dill) .. in Syria/Lebanon they use 3osfor (cheap saffron) and cumin.

Also, the tomato sauce looks a bit bland (sorry) and has no character (just plain red). I am sure it tastes great, but adding a bit of flavor like crushed garlic, a pinch of dry mint and a final dash of molasses will give it a kick and makes every bite a wholesome experience.

Keep up the fantastic work and keep those recipes coming in … can’t wait to see more.


Summer said...

Noura, Happy New year to you and your loved ones, i really hope that 2009 will be a much better one than 2008!
as for the mahshi, i think your recipe sounds tasty..the thing is, this is the recipe that is widely used in Palestine and Jordan, we do not add garlic or mint to the mahshi with tomato sauce, we do that with the one with yogurt sauce..but interesting to know your recipe...always nice to have you visit my blog :)

Summer said...

as we all know in the middle est that the best type of rice to use with stuffing is short grain rice, knows as Egyptian rice. this rice is very tasty as stuffing and it does increase in quantity, each uncooked cup expands to be 3 cooked cups!
to my stuffed zucchini, with tomato sauce, I only add to the stuffing rice, beef,onions and the ones that are stuffed with vegetarian stuffing i add onions to the rice and parsley of course, spices too.
To tell you the truth, i do not like ma7shi the Egyptian way, i think the shabat (dill) throws me off! it has a certain taste that you either like it or hate it...and it did not appeal to me at all.
Maybe some people use cumin with the stuffing, but i do not, sometimes i use 3osfour, but not always.

I assure you, my tomato sauce did not taste bland at was pretty tasty and good! it actually had a full flavor of the zucchini itself and it was very light but delicious taste.
thank you for coming by and thanks for your extra recipes :)