Mar 2, 2009

Cabbage Salad- سلطة ملفوف

سلطة الملفوف من السطات اللذيذه و سهلة التحضير. بالأضافه الى سهولة الحصول على هذه الخضار فالملفوف و الجزرغنيين بعناصر مفيده للأنسان منها الألياف و الواد المانعه لأمراض السرطان. يوجد وصفات كثيره لسلطة الملفوف و لكن هذه وصفتي المعتمده في كل المناسبات:
* ملفوف أبيض

* ملفوف أحمر
* جزر
* بصل-أختياري
* خل بلساميك أو خل أحمر
* زيت زيتون
* ملح و فلفل أسود

- أفرمي الملفوف الى شرحات رفيعه
- أبشري الجزر
- قطّعي البصل شرحات رفيعه أو مكعّبات صغيره
- أخلطي المكونات, أضيفي الخل و الزيت مع الملح و الفلفل ألأسود
من المستحسن ترك السلطه لمدّة نصف ساعه في البرادحتى تختلط النكهات مما يزيد في جعله ألذ طعما
قدّميها بارده مع أطباق رئيسيه او تؤكل لوحدها كطبق رئيسي خفيف

Salad is a refreshing salad that has very few ingredients but the combination makes a great taste. Cabbages and Carrots are rich in many ways for our bodies, and this is one way to increase our intake of these great rich vegetables. Although there are many variations to prepare this salad, but this is my best recipe that I prepare at all times.
* Whit Cabbage
* Red Cabbage
* Carrots
* Onions (Optional)
* Balsamic Or Red Vinegar
* Olive Oil
* Salt and Black Pepper
- You may use a knife or a food processor to thinly slice or shred cabbage
- Grate the carrots
- Slice or dice the onions if you are using any
- Mix the ingredients
- Add the vinegar and oil, salt and black pepper and mix well
You may want to let the salad set in your fridge for half an hour before serving it to allow for the flavors to mix well, that will give it a better taste.
Serve with your main dishes as a side salad or enjoy as a whole meal.


bambam said...

hint hint ... some brown sugar (or regular white sugar) will give this the extra kick and make it mysteriously yummy :D

Summer said...

bambam, nice addition! will have to try it sometime...actually the balsamic vinegar has a sweet taste to it and i am sure the brown sugar brings it out in a "mysterious" way. thanks!

kinzi said...

Yum! Great way to get your greens in the winter.

(Thanks again for the help with the sneaky short-cut Freeka. I made a double batch and the kids were going back for 3 & 4 bowls. Not enough left for the next day's meal!)

Summer said...

Kinzi, I am glad the recipe worked out for you...very easy, right?
thanks for letting me know the outcome of making it.

MAG said...

Summer my dear :) You are sooo sweet! don't you ever worry about stuff like that. You post your recipes and I post mine even if they ended up similar :) It doesn't matter because each person has its way. Variety of cooking styles is a very important thing. people will have the choice to mix and match creatively. And by the way, I love your version of cabbage salad :D - Big hug!

Summer said...

MAG, Thanks for your sweet comment and thanks for allowing me to link to your recipe too. glad you liked my version on this salad. Hug back!

Halla said...

I love this salad but we do it with garlic instead of onion

Summer said...

Halla, interesting addition of the sounds good. thanks for coming by.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

Another great recipe. You've got a very healthy and colorful salad.I usually omit the white cabbage and add parsley. Any cabbage recipe is great!

Summer said...

Nihal, that sounds good to add parsley to it or instead of the white cabbage..thanks for coming by always.